Yamaha AG200 Specifications and Features

I recently bought two Yamaha AG200 farm bikes. The one is a 2013 and the other a 2017 model. On this page, I’ll create a resource of information on the Yamaha AG200 as I learn more of these bikes. Please bookmark this page and check back often for updates. Let’s start with the Yamaha AG200 specifications.

My two Yamaha AG200 farm bikes (2013 and 2017 models)

Yamaha AG200 Specifications

The table below lists the basic specifications of the Yamaha AG200 (at least the later models, i.e. 2013 onwards).

Engine196 cc air-cooled 4-stroke SOHC
Power10.5 kW (14.3 hp) (7 500 rpm)
Torque14.6 Nm (6 500 rpm)
BrakesDrums front/rear
Seat height32.7 inch (830mm)
Wet weight278 lbs (126 kg)
Compression ratio9.5 : 1
Fuel tank2.6 gal (10L)
Ground clearance10 inch (255mm)
Spark plug gap0.6-0.7 mm
Sark plugNGK D8EA
Valve clearance (cold)

0.10-0.14 mm
0.16-.020 mm
CarburetorMikumi BS26/1
Basic specifications of the Yamaha AG200
Yamaha AG200 | 7 Unusual Standard F...
Yamaha AG200 | 7 Unusual Standard Features

The AG200 has been in production since 1985 with very little updates since. It shares the engine with its closet cousin, the Yamaha TW200.

7 Interesting Features of the Yamaha AG200

The Yamaha AG200 has some unique and quirky features, like two kick-stands (one on either side). Check out the video below to learn seven of the most interesting features of the Yamaha AG200.


Do You Have a Yamaha AG200 Question?

If you have any questions on the Yamaha AG200 or if you want me to film a specific video on the Yamaha AG200, please leave a comment on one of my YouTube videos on the AG200 here.

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