Is Your Motorcycle Safe to Ride?

Keep Your Motorcycle Safe
Keep Your Motorcycle Safe

Is Your Motorcycle Safe? Let's Make Sure!

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In just a few minutes, YOU can do some vital checks that could save your life an hour later.

This is not a complete book on how to maintain your bike.

The purpose of this guide is to prevent an accident and to get you interested in the safety of your motorcycle.

Safe riding!


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How do you know that? On one of my first trips with my wife riding pillion, my chain came off around a corner on a mountain pass. It was not adjusted properly. I was lucky to stay upright, but it could have been much worse.

This e-Guide was compiled with the average rider (that is NOT a mechanic) in mind.

If you understand which critical components on your bike to look after, you will have a safer ride and peace of mind.

You DON’T have to be mechanically inclined!

You DON’T need a garage full of tools!